We are entirely committed to a great time & safe environment for kids.

Welcome to JUMP N FUN, a premier indoor soft play center committed to creating a secure and stimulating environment for children to thrive. Our carefully designed play zones cater to the imagination and development of toddlers and juniors, ensuring a safe space for healthy growth.

At our center, relaxation comes naturally for parents, thanks to our team of trained and qualified childcare professionals who oversee every play session. With a commitment to safety and a focus on fostering a sense of wonder, we invite families to join us in creating lasting memories where play knows no bounds.


Where Happy Memories Begin

At JUMPNFUN, we take pride in offering an exceptional indoor play experience that not only encourages physical activity but also nurtures cognitive development in children. Our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment remains unwavering as we continue to grow.

We understand the profound impact of play on a child’s life and are committed to helping them create happy memories that last a lifetime. With our dedicated team of trained childcare professionals, you can relax and watch as your children build happy memories that will accompany them throughout their lives. Our indoor soft play center provides a secure and stimulating environment for children aged two to thirteen, fostering creativity in toddlers and juniors alike.



JUMP N FUN: Shaping Smiles, Building Memories

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Choose JUMP N FUN for a playtime experience that goes beyond fun – it’s about shaping smiles, building memories, and ensuring your child’s happiness every step of the way.

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My kid had fun. Could go for 1 hour without boredom. We would definitely visit again as soon as we can. Great experience!

Abdullah Ibrahim

A place for children and very beautiful games. The visitor from the children enjoys a very good time. An entertainment place for children.

ابو سعود الفضلي

Never knew such a place existed in the mall and was very excited seeing the variety of play areas. Almost wished I was a kid to play. LOL.

Malik Mohammed